Challenges for Business with the New Social Distancing Rules



We are all having to get used to the "new normal" as the world gradually returns to work. For some companies keeping that all important 2 metre distance will involve making some tough choices in order to keep staff safe.

One area of course is the available office space which will have to expand, unless a large enough group of people can either work from home or work more flexible hours. Of course not all businesses can do this and so one solution could be to buy or hire portable accommodation units, these can be quickly installed to get the business back to work.

Portable cabins can be delivered as individual units, linked, stacked or as an open plan modular building. Uses could be offices , canteens, toilet facilities or drying rooms. Tudor Modular offer a range of temporary accommodation units that can even be delivered with furniture. Also for those areas where security is of concern the cabins can be provided in an anti vandal steel construction.

If you would like to see if these portacabins can help you get restarted call Tudor Modular now on 01206 322121 for a free quotation and, if required, a free site visit to help you decide.