Factors to consider when buying or hiring a portable cabin

8 Jun 2020

So you have decided you need an additional office or welfare facility. What factors should you consider?

Firstly you need to decide on buying or hiring.

If your need is short to medium term- a month to a year, then the decision is easy. Hiring gives you the option of having that additional office quickly, and with certainty of cost. Then when you are finished with it it can be taken away just as quickly. If your requirement is for 2 or more years, generally purchasing is best. Options exist for finance to spread that cost and of course you do have the unit to sell at a point in the future. The difficult period to evaluate is between 1 year and 2 years, especially if your are uncertain as to the length of the project you are planning. Due to this Tudor Modular offer the options which allows you to hire initially, and then if you decide to buy the cabin at a future date, you receive a discount from the originally quoted price - contact us to find out more!

Then you need to decide on size

This sounds obvious but there are a few things to consider at this point. If you're buying you can pretty much have what you want. Ranging from an individual cabin to a large modular building made up of individual bays linked together. However, if you are hiring then you will be limited to the sizes available from the hire company you decide to use. For individual portable cabins typical sizes range from small 7ft x 7ft gatehouse / kiosk type sizes, through to large 40ft x 12ft units, with a range in between. A common mistake is to focus just on the length, but finding that wider small unit will make all the difference in usable space. For example most hire companies will offer 16ft x 8ft  or 16ft x 9ft cabins, but if you can find that 16ft x 10ft for hire you will be able to fit more usable desk spacing and not feel so claustrophobic.

Do you need anti vandal construction?

Consider your location and it might well be that anti vandal cabins are a must. Whilst these have improved a lot of late in design, they are generally less pleasing to the eye than a portacabin finished in plastisol or texture exterior. Modular buildings too can be in anti vandal, but again your choices are limited if hiring

Access to site

You will need to consider how vehicles will access the proposed location of the unit. Gate widths, overhanging cables/ trees and of course ground conditions will all have a bearing on what can be achieved. Fortunately Tudor Modular offer a free site survey to help you decide on this and all aspects of temporary accommodation, including a free quotation.

If you would like to arrange for someone to come and discuss your requirements please call Tudor Modular on 01206 322121 or email sales@tudormodular.com