Security Guard Huts - Now in Anti Vandal Construction

28 May 2020

Todays gate houses are a little different from the timber shed or sentry boxes that used to be the norm on building sites, factory entrances, or anywhere that controlling access is important. The gatehouses supplied by Tudor Modular are a leap forward in both construction and features. Built in a steel shell these anti vandal units are lined and insulated with electric heating and lighting, ensuring all weather comfort is maintained, whilst having excellent visibility with windows to 3 elevations.

In addition to the bottom lift option for loading and unloading, the Tudor gatehouses have fork lift pockets for site moving if required. External electric connection points are standard and additional colour options are available for a reasonable cost.

There has been an increased interest in this type of unit as businesses, returning to work following the lockdown,  find they need to accommodate and / or segregate staff differently. Fortunately Tudor Modular offer the option to hire these units with there unique "Try before you buy" package for companies who are uncertain of their long term requirements.

For further information on these anti vandal gatehouses or larger portable offices please call Tudor Modular on 01206 322121 or visit the website