Shipping Container Prices

Shipping Container Prices

16 Feb 2021


With the current shortage of containers driving up shipping costs (Source:  Business Matters ) the effect on the price of containers for the domestic storage market has also been dramatic. At the time of writing costs for "one trip containers" have reached £3,000.00 and probably more likely to increase further, certainly in the short term.

The big question is should you stick or twist?. Certainly if you need a container now it does mean you could be paying a high price now only to watch the market ease back in the coming months. However at Tudor Modular there is at least one option to take some of the risk away. By taking advantage of the "Try before you buy option" you can hire a container, then should you decide to buy at a later date, get a discount based on the original quoted price, taking in to account  the rentals paid. Tudor Modular are something of an outrider in the industry with this option, but  in these turbulent times it is worth taking advantage of.

Meanwhile the effects of Brexit will inevitably work through but if the container manufacturing sector, which is dominated by China and the Far East, continues to take advantage of a tight market, it may be some time before a new norm in pricing is achieved, and what that is may well depend on how quickly the world recovers from the effects of the pandemic

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