Try Before You Buy

Tudor Modular can offer an option to hire your cabin, container or even a modular building and later convert that hire into a purchase. We will even give you a discount based on the length of hire at a pre agreed rate. So if your unsure which way to go, at least your options are open with Tudor. 


At Tudor Modular we know that the decision to hire or buy can be difficult. Sometimes you need to see how a project goes before making a decision to purchase, but still need to get the project of the ground.

Should you decide to hire, Tudor can offer a reduction from the initially quoted purchase price of the cabin or container, based upon the rentals paid up to the day of purchase. This is normally set at 15% of the total hire cost, set against the offer price quoted at the time of hire.

You can exercise this option anytime, with a maximum of 2 years hire charges being discounted. 


Company A wanted to buy a new office at £9,500.00 + VAT but decided to take the hire option of £82.00 + VAT per week. After 20 weeks they decided to buy as the project was going well, so they purchased the unit with - £246.00 discount.

If you would like to know more please get in touch now.